Assessment of Green Projects and Due Diligence Plus

MACS Assessment of Green Projects and Due Diligence Plus combines a professional and accurate technical due diligence with a project development dimension and hence can demonstrate that identified projects are technically feasible and economically viable. MACS supports its clients by doing:

  • Assistance to the project sponsor and his engineers in formulating and designing the project in accordance with the results of the technical due diligence and preparing of all bankable documents until the finalization of the loan appraisal process.
  • Assistance in the preparation of a mathematical technical and economic model of the project layout which considers the influence of individual components’ sizing and performance on the project’s economic indicators, thus allowing the optimum choice and sizing of the project.
  • Legal due diligence (if required) in close coordination with the Financing Institution covering the assessment of permits, licenses and contracts.
  • Monitoring (if required) the project implementation on behalf of the Financing Institution ensuring proper allocation of funds and professional project realization. This includes monthly certifications of work done.