Feasibility and Market Studies

MACS is frequently implementing Feasibility and Market studies. These are often interlinked, to assess project approaches in the light of market conditions. While the Feasibility Studies form the standard basis of all infrastructure projects, Market Studies are indispensable for a successful launch of sustainable financial products. In both cases, MACS applies a holistic interdisciplinary approach with a focus on socio-economic, technical, financial, and institutional questions. In all studies we assure that local knowledge is involved adequately. For Feasibility Studies of infrastructure projects, MACS is integrating as a standard methodology a socio-economic survey, hence ensuring that stakeholders and beneficiaries are actively participating in the study project. Market Studies frequently include portfolio evaluations and scenario analyses. Our multi-disciplinary international and local teams are well equipped with the state-of-the-art tools and methodologies and for specific cases we team up with highly specialized partners to address very complex project approaches.