Training and Awareness Raising

As adults learn differently than children, the first principle MACS follows in training FI staff is to incorporate adult motivation to learn through an active training program. Designing an active training program entails several aspects and is characterized by activity, variety, and participation. We apply this strategy for our trainings:

  1.  Moderate level of content
  2.  The balance between affective, behavioral and cognitive learning
  3.  Variety of learning approaches
  4.  Opportunities for group participation
  5.  Utilization of participants' expertise
  6.  Recycling of earlier learned concepts and skills
  7.  Real-life problem solving
  8.  Allowance for future planning

The concept of MACS training sessions and workshops is based on our broad experience in delivering different eSave training sessions and studying different approaches for transferring know-how to adult learners.