Bosnia and Herzegovina: Towards Energy Efficiency Improvements in Residential Housing

January 2019

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with a very high level of specific energy consumption compared to EU countries. More than 60% is consumed is in the housing sector, mainly for heating, due to insufficient heat insulation and a lack of modern heating, ventilation and cooling systems. To date, there has been little donor support for financing of energy-efficient housing. However, energy efficiency has gained importance in the past years in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In November 2018, Raiffeisen Bank and KfW signed a EUR 15 Million credit line dedicated to financing of energy efficiency improvements in residential housing. This program is a continuation of a 20-year long cooperation between KfW and Raiffeisen Bank BiH on energy efficiency finance.
In order to contribute to this initiative, MACS will support Raiffeisen Bank BiH in successfully introducing, marketing and implementing a new loan product designed to enable clients to finance EE measures in residential buildings.