Frankfurt: Ten years of eSave at the GGF

January 2020

On the ten-year anniversary of the Green for Growth Fund (GGF) which was marked in a ceremony in Frankfurt last December, it was announced that the GGF finance portfolio had reached EUR 1 billion. These investments, both direct and through partner financial Institutions, resulted in the energy savings of more than 3 TWh/a, reductions of more than 850,000 tons of carbon dioxide and sustainable management of more than 450,000 tons/a of water, waste and resources.
We can proudly say that all these investments have been reported solely through eSave, the Fund´s official tool for reporting RE/EE loans. Since GGF´s inception in December 2009 until now, eSave has been implemented in more than 50 GGF partner financial institutions and more than 2000 people, GGF partner institutions staffs, have been trained in using it.
Already a very user-friendly and fully customizable web application available in 18 languages, eSave is becoming even more appealing every day as the figures on the reported loans and positive feedback from users encourage us to further improve it with more and more useful and interesting features.