GERMANY: MACS now signatory to the Accelerating Sustainable Finance Initiative – “Frankfurt Declaration”

July 2018

In summer 2017, Deutsche Börse Group along with major stakeholders from the Frankfurt/Main financial centre established the Accelerating Sustainable Finance initiative, concluding the Frankfurt Declaration. It demonstrates the signatories’ intention to define framework conditions for sustainable finance and to put concrete initiatives into action. These are directed towards the identification of innovative business areas and the responsible handling of risk, among other key factors. The potential of sustainable finance must, therefore, be fully encouraged in order to support positive, long-term economic and social development.


Three task forces, on the topics “Sustainable products and services”, “Impact investing” and “ESG data” have been set up as part of the Initiative. MACS, as a new signatory to the Frankfurt Declaration, will bring its experience and strengths to the table to discuss and implement advancements in “Sustainable products and services” as well as “ESG data”.