More SISARs for Piaui

December 2017

Managing Director, Dr. Thomas Schiller recently discussed priorities of investments to upgrade the rural water supply networks in the Brazilian state of Piaui, with the Governor of Piaui, Mr. Wellington Dias. As a crucial aspect of the network upgrades, progress on the “Mais SISAR” (More SISARs) project was presented. In the center-north of the state, the Mais SISAR project will replicate the SISAR model, which was developed by MACS and has been successfully implemented in the northeast of Brazil for over 15 years.


Under the leadership of MACS do Brasil, the preparatory works are well advanced and it was now agreed with the Governor that the foundation of the new SISAR will take place in early 2018. As agreed by Dr. Schiller and Governor Dias, initial roll-out of this new SISAR is expected to have a limited number of members involved, with expansion expected to accelerate once other, smaller local authorities and communities see the real benefits and progress that the SISAR brings.


The roll-out of a new SISAR, driven by MACS’ experts, will be a major step forward in achieving a sustainable, 24/7, year-round water supply in the north of Piaui – something which is not yet commonplace for most of the rural population. Governor Dias again reiterated his support for the implementation of the SISAR model by declaring it a priority of his Government and has authorized the use of state budget funds for such necessary investments to upgrade the water supply networks.


For more information on our SISAR model, feel free to contact MACS at or visit our Brazilian website