Holger Röntgen

Energy and Process Engineering, Head of Energy Department

Holger is Energy and Process Engineer and the Head of our Energy Department. He holds an engineering degree from the Berlin Technical University and has about 20 years of experience in the evaluation, design and management of energy projects, including energy service companies (ESCO).

At MACS, Holger plays a key role in developing and steering the company’s activities in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE/EE). As a chief engineer, project manager and deputy project manager, he has led several expert teams during the implementation of RE/EE credit lines in Southeast Europe. Currently his focus is on the technical operations lead in the MACS role of the Technical Advisor of the GGF (Green for Growth Fund). Moreover, he has carried out market studies for RE/EE in countries like Turkey and Mozambique.

Driven by the vision of sustainable solutions of RE and EE measures counteracting climate change and the carefree depletion of natural resources, he has been key for the development of our standardized validation approach for energy savings and CO2 emission reductions (eSave).

Heading the Energy Department, he is also representing the company in our relations with clients and partners.