Reinhold Metzler

Hydro Power and Bio Mass

Reinhold Metzler is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years of professional experience as a consultant for Hydropower- as well as Biomass- and Windpower Projects.

Recently he has helped MACS to come up with a comprehensive due diligence methodology for the assessment and development of Renewable Energy projects in the framework of the Green for Growth Fund.

In comparison to more traditional concepts, our approach transcends the feasibility assessments which are common in conventional due diligence. Instead, we support the full process of project genesis, which means not only approving or disapproving projects but trying to find solutions if a project is stuck or not well designed.
Reinhold’s asset in this regard is his ability to communicate relevant project-aspects according to the perspective of the different stakeholders. This way we are able to support project development and quality assurance from the technical and from the banking side. In addition to German, Reinhold speaks English, Spanish and French.