Risk mitigation

Our due diligences as a bank’s engineer manage inherent project risks and thus enhance the bankability of Renewable Energy Projects.

Responsible Finance

MACS RE/EE credit line implementation enables IFIs to develop green credit lines without compromising commercial goals.


With its services, MACS has supported the disbursal of 21,500 loans for RE/EE investments amounting to EUR 200 million to local SMEs, entrepreneurs and private households. Aside from the direct CO2 savings that have been achieved through the targeted loans, it is also the wider socio-economic impact on the local economy that is of utmost importance for sustainable development.

The impact of MACS work can hence be seen both on the local level, directly impacting on peoples’ livelihoods and wellbeing as well as the global level, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions for combating the challenges of climate change.