Serbia - Consulting Services for UniCredit Bank Serbia in the framework of the Energy Efficiency Finance Facility 2007, Belgrade, Serbia
03/2013 - on-going

KfW has teamed up with CEB under the EU Energy Efficiency Finance Facility 2007 (EEFF) to create a credit line for Unicredit Bank Serbia (UCS). The aim of the program is to promote Energy Efficiency investments for buildings as well as in industry, and in environmentally friendly energy generation in the Republic of Serbia.


Together with the Belgrade-based Energy Savings Group (ESG), MACS is supporting UniCredit Banka Serbia and its clients to develop and implement the new credit line. The credit line will be used to finance EE and RE sub-loans to companies of various sizes as well as to public entities.


Besides supporting the development of appropriate credit technology, MACS carries out energy audits and prepares bankable projects to be financed under the credit line. Furthermore, MACS accompanies the development and implementation of sub-project, conducting project verifications compliant with KfW and EU criteria.