MACS appraises GHG footprint and ESC score for KD Bank's loan portfolio
January 2019

The KD Bank (Bank for Church and Deaconry) is a German cooperative bank whose members are mostly institutions of the Protestant church and its deaconry. One of the Bank’s guiding principles is to create sustainable values, i.e. to operate in an efficient, socially and ecologically just way. KD Bank supports a sustainability filter for all financial investments in securities since 2008.
In this context, MACS calculated the GHG footprint and ESC (environmental, social, carbon) score of KD-Bank’s credit portfolio using the eSave platform. The focus of the KD-Bank’s portfolio is on financing of church institutions, such as hospitals, care homes for the elderly and disabled, kindergartens and parishes. The MACS methodology for determining the GHG footprint is based on the Scope 3: “Investments” of the GHG Protocol.