Brazil - Rural Water and Sanitation, Ceara II and III
2011 - Ongoing

The region of Ceara in Brazil is providing rural water and sanitation through the association SISAR.


Support to CAGECE


After the good results from the first Program – Ceara I – the State of Ceara and KfW decided in 2004 to sponsor another Program in the rural areas. This new Program – Ceara II – aims to enhance SISARs Quixada and Russas by building up 30 water supply systems within the area supported by those SISARs. MACS also have a role in formatting the Ceara III Program, a EUR 3 million grant from KfW to both SISARs involved in the Ceara II.  Our new job in the framework of these Programs is to support CAGECE in the general administration and implementation of the Programs including all its technical and financial details and cost control.