Brazil - Programa de Saúde e Saneamento Básico de Piauí: Contrato de Assistencia Técnica e Capacitação - Health and Basic Sanitation Program Piauí
2001 - 2016

From 2001 until 2016, MACS was involved in the creation of a regional water supply utility based on an association of local user groups and representatives of municipalities in the interior of Piauí (Picos Region). The model is based on a concept of self-administration and self-sustainability through the foundation of the Sistema Integrado de Saneamento Rural do Piauí (SISAR/PI). The activities of SISAR comprise the operation, maintenance and administration of the sub-systems that compose the regional water supply system.


In the framework of this contract, a number of activities were carried out, such as the creation and training of user groups as well as the definition of legal structure, financial model and organizational structure. Moreover, the recruiting and training of technical /administrative staff, operators and members of councils was supported, as was the definition of maintenance requirements, work flow and procedures. MACS also assisted the implementation of proper MIS features and the tailored customer administration software BELLE. In parallel to the above described measures, public awareness campaigns were started to improve customer orientation and quick appraisals were undertaken to evaluate changes in management of customer behavior.