Moldova - Establishing safe waste water disposal in the town of Cantemir
07/2015 - 12/2018

MACS Energy & Water together with the lead partner Posch & Partners Consulting Engineers (P&P), Austria, have been contracted by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) to provide services to improve the waste water service situation in the Moldovan town of Cantermir.


MACS experts provide the Institutional support, Financial support and process development, O&M development and training of staff as well as HR Capacity Development and are thus assisting the upgrading of the municipal utility, particularly cocerning general, financial and technical management capacity.


The specific goal of this assignment is to provide the population of Cantemir with a sustainable water supply and sanitation, i.e. through work that:

  • Optimize the current water supply system
  • Rehabilitate the existing and extend the sewer collector systems
  • Reconstruct a new wastewater treatment plant
  • Build the capacity of Apa Canal in order to allow technically and environmentally sound and a financial sustainable operation of the existing and new facilities