Montenegro - Capacity Development of Water Supply and Wastewater Utilities in the Coastal Region
01/2006 - 07/2009

In 2003, after an ambitious PSP option has failed, a Steering Committee was established to foster the foundation of a new regional water enterprise with the participation of seven municipalities located at the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. At the end of a complex negotiation process, VODACOM Ltd. a Joint Service and Coordination Company was created in 2005, with the aim to upgrade the services of the urban water utilities of the participating municipalities. Besides know how transfer, VODACOM acts as the PIU for a KfW-funded multi million investment program in water supply and sanitation infrastructure.



In the framework of the training program, since 2006, MACS focused on the following areas:

  • Capacity building & know-how transfer in technical and financial operation of the ViKs
  • Organizational management for the development of VODACOM and the water utilities
  • Human Resource Development and training of the staff of VODACOM & ViKs
  • Preparation, procurement, implementation, and supervision of individual investment measures, incl. capacity building of VODACOM & ViKs in these areas
  • Regulatory management & monitoring
  • Study tours for key staff of VODACOM and ViKs to Germany and organization of regional workshops