About us

MACS Energy & Water is an independent international consulting company with a focus on infrastructure and development finance. Our mission is to enable people and organizations to realize Sustainable Investments with a developmental relevance by combining future oriented innovative technology as well as interdisciplinary and intercultural expertise. With special attention to the Water-Energy-Nexus, we provide high quality bespoke services to governments, NGOs, commercial banks, international finance institutions and development organizations. Geographically, our work mainly covers Central and South East Europe, Latin America, Central and South Asia and the Middle East, but can also expand beyond those core areas.

Our Values:
Within this field, MACS not only has to fulfill external requirements but also demands a set of values to be fulfilled by the company as a whole and all individual members:


  • Provision of high quality consulting services based on economic, technical and personal expertise.
  • Provision of services, which contribute to sustainable development.
  • Close interaction with clients as well as beneficiaries (if applicable) to understand present and future needs.


  • MACS believes that an organization’s success is driven by its people.
  • Recognizing the importance of recruiting, retaining and motivating highly qualified staff and providing them with adequate resources and continuous opportunities for skill development.
  • Providing and ensuring a safe working environment in the main offices as well as on external project sites.


  • Constant development of scientific and technical competencies.
  • Ensuring flexibility and seeking future oriented and innovative solutions.


  • Commitment to managing resources efficiently and responsibly, ensuring sustainability of practices and minimizing any potential negative impacts.
  • Fostering a culture of dialogue and respect.

Our Vision & Mission:
In times where climate change related issues are becoming the central challenge for the global environment, the relationship to water and energy – two of the most essential resources for human life – is also shifting. Energy efficiency and renewable energy as well as the adequate management of water and water related issues are critical to preserving life as it is.Water_Energy_Nexus

Envisioning a bright and clean future for the planet, we aim to contribute to sustainable development by specializing on infrastructure finance for water and sanitation as well as energy efficiency and renewable energy. Our focus lies in the provision of customer-driven scientific and technical support for the conception, development, implementation and monitoring of international development projects. Firmly grounded in holistic thinking, a blend of comprehensive expertise in the water, energy and financial sectors – while also attending to their interdependencies – is central to our consulting services.

Within this context, MACS is committed to understanding the organization’s position in the marketplace and how relevant factors arising from legal, political, economic, social and technological issues influence the strategic direction.


Company policy statements

Our Team

All our Team members have been involved in academic research and follow state of the art scientific approaches. Our experts have a well-documented record of accomplishment and successful field experience. Our Team do not feel simply responsible for giving advice, but they are fully committed to implement the assigned tasks on the basis of strategic approaches. MACS employs experts who provide complementary expertise in the fields of economics and finance, engineering, IT, training and marketing.